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The Witzel Family Foundation is based in Sheridan Wyoming, founded in 2007 by Sarah “Sally” E. Witzel in honor of and to further the charitable purposes of Curly, John and Sarah Witzel The primary purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of charitable, educational functions.

The Foundation provides educational scholarships and other means of financial support for students from Sheridan County who attend accredited universities, colleges, vocational schools, and well established educational institutions offering post-high school education, including educational organizations identified by the founder Sarah E. Witzel, and by the Directors, with special consideration to and preference to (but not restricted to) assistance to students who have special needs, and students who pursue interests in music education.

About Our Foundation

This legacy provides educational scholarships and other means of financial support for students of Sheridan County Wyoming who attend accredited universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other well established educational institutions offering post- secondary education for students pursuing a musical education or students who have special needs.

After evaluation by the Foundation's Board of Directors, grants and scholarships will be awarded to special needs students, or students pursuing music education. On a case by case basis, the Foundation may fund presentations by visiting artists, or assist with purchase of musical instruments for local schools.


The Witzel Family Foundation Music Scholarship

The music scholarship is for graduating high school seniors wanting to pursue a music curriculum at a 2 year or 4 year institution.

To apply for this scholarship fill out the application below/

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The Witzel Family Foundation Learning Disablity Scholarship

The Witzel Family Foundation grants scholarships to a high school senior with an identified learning disability pursuing post-secondary education/training. The ideal candidate is a high school senior who:

  • Can articulate his/her learning disability, understands how LD affects his/her life, and recognized the importance of self advocacy;
  • Is committed to post-secondary education/training and has begun to set realistic career goals;
  • Has demonstrated perseverance and embraces new opportunities;
  • Will feel comfortable serving as a role model and spokesperson for others who struggle with LD.

To apply for this scholarship download and fill out the application below

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Scholarship Renewal

Renew your applications with the form below and email it here

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Witzel Academy

Witzel Academy is a partnership with Sheridan College and provides the highest quality instruction in guitar, piano, and voice. Our vision is to make music lessons available to students (grades 3-12) who otherwise cannot afford them.

Witzel Academy is funded through the generosity of the Witzel Family Foundation. The Witzel Family Foundation provides scholarships to students who can't afford lessons to learn guitar, piano and voice. The Scholarships are used to pay professional instuctors.

Students must demonstrate a sincere interest in studying music. Parents/guardians will be asked to provide a statement of need.

Parents/guardians and students MUST demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their lessons through their attendance and preparation.

To apply or for more information, email us at WitzelAcademy@gmail.com or call 307.751.7723

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Ebenezer Eferobor

Producer | Pianist | Composer

I am very grateful for your love and support in my journey the entire board of the Witzel Family Foundation are a big hit in my life, and I hope to someday earn your sacrifice for me!